A Wizards Spell Winstons Dabney

Awesome son ( gelding ) of Torrie and Winston       Born 4-09-08
This young gelding was born into my hands and has had more experiences than horses twice his age.
He is quiet, calm, ready to please, and remembers like an elephant.   Of course he happily stands for baths and farrier and easily trailer loads.
He is a water baby and will come running whenever he hears the hose.

He has shown at Gypsy Horse World Show at Fort Worth Stock Show and came in Second.
He showed off at the Gypsy Horse Extravaganza in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

He is happy around a crowd.   Don't let his young age fool you.   He GETS it.

ZERO Interest FINANCING and Credit Cards available.

Price subject to change at any moment !
He rides and he is silly.  
He's riding for our ranch helper in just a rope halter in this picture.

Or without anyone riding.

He's very black and white....just sun faded in this picture.
Having fun.

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