A Wizards Spell Worthingtons Windemere
aka "Windy"

Gorgeous daughter of Torrie and Worthington       Born 5-18-09
The FEATHER and HEAVY BONE and awesome two blue eyes on this traditional true proper cob are incredible.
She was the only 2009 foal we held back to keep for our breeding program.
BUT....we really can't keep them all so she is now available to the right home.
 She is sweet, smart, and ready to perform/ride for you !

ZERO Interest FINANCING and Credit Cards available.


Windy Riding Video HERE
 She's sweet, quiet, and fun!
She's the first one to walk up in the pasture and put her head on your shoulder while you stand there.

Checkin' it out.
Younger photos below of her being silly.....at 17 months old     :)
High headed, tons of feather, SMART and awesome companion 
Just FABULOUS eyes 
She's a HAM !       She will smile and she dances and plays.      She's GREAT fun !
And, remember, she is only 17 months old in these pictures.  What a great future she has.

Being silly and all four feet off ground. 
Awesome ROUND big Gypsy BUTT
(on the horse please)......TONS of feather....awesome "good luck" Gypsy beard.
Remember how young she is in these photos.    SO SO much hair and feather.
See her parentage and experiences HERE
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