2006 FOALS

Wizards Spell Winstons Daphne
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Born 5-2-06
at 2 PM to Ashby and Winston. Black and White and looks just like Dad !
That filly we all breed for !

( Meaning all of her babies WILL be Pintos for sure.)

Daphne --- May 2007

OH...the VOLUMINOUS Feather !
And she is only ONE YEAR Old !


How could she be anything but perfect with Winston as her Dad and Ashby as her Mother.


Sire- Sire Winston
for more pics of Winston & Grandparents & Great Grandparents )


Dam - Wizards Spell Ashby
One of our very favorite mares with TONS of feather.
Imported from England

Ashby has also given us SHAMMIE.  See under OUR GIRLS button.


Daphne Baby Photos at three weeks old.

Hey Mom...Is this right ?

Daphne 5-24-06


Daphne 5-2-06 Below


Daphne's Grandmother on Mom's Side
in England
Phew...the feather !

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